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ACA supports sustainable projects in Upper Egypt that alleviate poverty and suffering by empowering disadvantaged Egyptian communities to be self-reliant

and economically sustainable.

We work closely with families, basics for their living ( shelter , clean water , electricity , toilets ) is a priority. Their education , health and microfinance for the bread earner, all together lead those families to a better life in a sustainable way.

St George medical center Project

In May 2010 St George Medical Centre started  humbly in a rented building of twenty rooms that was fully approved by the local Health Department as a mini hospital in El Maragha part of Sohag, Upper Egypt.

 ACA has helped the Medical Centre to maintain and upgrade its equipments and trained a large number of medical workers and other position needed for the medical centre.

However, due to the large success of the Centre, there has been a larger than anticipated number of patients and the Centre has been unable to accommodate them due to lack of space.There is also limited parking outside the Centre, making it difficult for disabled and incapacitated patients to access the Centre .

After much consultation with locals as well as design appraisal ,

ACA has decided to support the building of El Raie ( el salam) Hospital which is in the same area of St George medical centre El Maragha ,Sohag .

The El Raie Hospital has opened its door in June the first .

St George Medical Centre is closed now , and all services , equipments , staff all moved to the new onwed purpose built El Raie hospital in El Maragha , Sohag .


El Raie Hospital project

The hospital will address growing community health needs by having a capacity around 60 in-patient beds .

It will also have most of needed medical specialty services . Consequently, a larger number of trainees of all kinds will benefit of this projectas it will enable them to find Jobs or start their own practices / businesses .

The project will also provide newly graduated doctors with the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with experienced surgeons and medical specialists in order to up-skill them. We will invite docotrs from other countries to spend time in the hospital for training purposes and advise on complicated medical conditions.

The El Raie hospital will also address the shortage of qualified nurses in Egypt through offering new nurses intensive nursing courses during the day, followed by supervised work and training in the hospital.The hospital will offer five times the number of training opportunities for all level of workers compared to St George medical centre, and will create a large number of job opportunities for the community members.

ACA involves the local community in decision- making and the implementation of all its El Raie Hospital. 

ACA is thrilled by the community support for the new Hospital which is fully endorsed by the local government.