Our Purpose:

Australia Charity Aid’s purpose is to alleviate poverty and suffering by empowering disadvantaged communities.

We do this in an economically sustainable manner that allows these communities to become self-reliant. 

Managing committee’s report : 

Our largest project is based in Sohag, a province of Upper Egypt. El Raiie hospital.

El Raie hospital building project is accomplished and on the first of June 2018 the hospital opened its door for impoverished people to access affordable

medical treatment which is provided by members of the local community..

We also allow residence who afford hospital fees to be treated in El Raie hospital as an aim to partially help covering the costing of charge free cases.

Meanwhile, St George Medical Centre has close down and all of its services , any reusable equipments and furnitures , employees have all moved to the purpose built E l Raie hospital hospital .

No more renting expenses as the building was under a lease agreement which lapsed and The rented building is hand over to its owner.

Our members should be proud to have furthered the positive cycle which has improved job prospects, prosperity and health in these communities.

Spotlight: El Raie hospital:

We plan to prepare a dwelling place in the higher level of the hospital ,

so we can invite doctors from outside Egypt in Australia who speak Arabic , to visit El Raie hospital in Sohag . They will teach students , trainee medical doctors , doctors and treat difficult cases using their expertise which will further effect on the positive cycle that we are promoting,

It will also have an impact on job opportunities and the local economy.

We are currently implementing a suitable eHealth platform for the hospital that is capable of comprehensively managing financial information, patient records, payroll , expenses , hospital administration and other information.

The local community is working hand in hand with us , as they realise how vital this project is for them. Furthermore, doctors from America and England recently visited the site and were delighted with our plans and the progress so far. They have also volunteered their expertise in setting up the hospital.

We welcome Australian doctors of all specialities to visit the hospital , 

Their expertise and experience is highly valuable to the medical professionals is of huge benefit to patients.

We strive to keep you up to date with the progress of the project through the coming year.

We welcome any suggestions and visit to the hospital by also non medical person, we hope to expend the project services like :

social workers , more teaching , public awareness , woman health etc….

Regards, June 2018

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We commit to zero tolerance of child abuse whilst implementing and project managing the Peace Hospital project. We will therefore:

  • Treat all children everywhere with respect regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, social status or political persuasion
  • Refrain from using language or behaviour towards children that is demeaning, harassing, culturally inappropriate or sexually provocative
  • Never engage children in any form of sexual activity or acts
  • Interact with children in such a way so as to facilitate transparency and accountability to other adults
  • Appoint teams rather than individuals to work with unaccompanied children
  • Refrain from physical punishment or discipline of children in the course of rendering aid
  • Not hire children for domestic tasks or other labour inappropriate for their developmental stage, which places them at risk of injury or prevents them from accessing education
  • Comply with all relevant Australian and local legislation, including labour laws in relation to child labour
  • Immediately report and investigate any concerns/allegations of child abuse with appropriate procedures
  • Appropriately use technology around children, including computers, mobile phones, video and cameras, and never engage in exploitative, harassing or pornographic activities
  • Comply with local traditions and cultural expectations when photographing/filming children
  • Obtain consent from the child or guardian prior to photographing/filming
  • Ensure all images present children in a dignified and respectful manner, adequately clothed and not in sexually suggestive poses
  • Not use images in such a way as to reveal identifying information about the child
  • Ensure all images are honest representations of the context and facts
  • Ensure that appropriate steps are taken to guarantee that representatives of ACA (including staff, governing body members, and volunteers) behave according to the above-mentioned actions.

Full financial statements are available to the public on request by emailing Pauline on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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